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Let’s get started with Azure DevOps Course Blog, powered by highly skilled DevOps trainers of Max Online Training with the latest necessary modules. These modules are set by industry experts, in this case, after an eligible completion, you will be certified as Azure DevOps as per industry standards only, leads to higher demand in the market in top MNCs.

Azure DevOps Online Course Training

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the collaboration between Developer(Dev) and Operators(Ops) at once place to deliver applications and software services at high speed and high velocity using combinations of various tools, modules and structures.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a platform for cloud computing in a minor to a vast scale, developed by IT Specialists of Microsoft itself. It lets you build, develop and manage applications from certain allotted data centres located globally. To work efficiently on these unmanaged raw servers, you need to learn all the modules and setup steps and procedures. Here, Max Online Training will guide you and train you to become a trained, certified & industry ready Microsoft Azure DevOps Specialist with their Azure Certification Online Training Program.

About Microsoft Azure DevOps Online Training Course

This Microsoft Azure online training in Hyderabad, from Max Online Training, will boost your career as a Microsoft Azure DevOps Specialist with an industry-standard professional certificate, that will effectively help you out to find a better job after eligible completion of Azure online classes.

There are many modules in Microsoft Azure Online Classes provided to our learners:

  • Cloud Computing Introduction
  • Getting started with Azure
  • Configure and manage Azure Virtual Networks
  • Managing Azure with Windows Powershell and Azure CLI
  • Azure storage
  • Deploy and manage virtual machines
  • Manage resource groups
  • Manage Azure subscriptions
  • Analyze resource utilization & consumption
  • Implement Azure Backup
  • Managing identities
  • Implement and manage application services
  • Secure identities
  • Migrate servers to azure
  • Azure automation

Microsoft Azure is becoming popular day by day, creating a vast demand in top MNCs. Learn it and use it to strengthen your career. Contact Max Online Training today.

Why choose Max Online Training for Microsoft Azure Online Training?

With Max Online Training, you will get all the popular and trending IT Courses training at one place with affordable pricing policies. If you enrol Microsoft Azure Online Training with us then you would be eligible for the following benefits:

  1. Live interactive online classes
  2. Real-time use cases
  3. Professional Certification programs
  4. FREE demo session
  5. Full money-back guarantee
  6. Job placement assistance
  7. Special Discounts on each course
  8. And, much more.

The azure administrator is much more known for its implementation, management and monitoring of various tasks like the identity, governance, storage, computing and virtual networks in a cloud environment.
So there are various opportunities to strengthen your career with Max Online Training for Azure DevOps Course Classes.

Prerequisite for Azure DevOps Online Training

There is no special knowledge needed for Azure training online, except for some proficiency in the Powershell and Command-line interface. If you are ready to learn Microsoft Azure DevOps Online Training, you need to call our team. For Azure Online Training in Hyderabad, call on +91-8886060607 and from the USA, call on +19404408138.

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