What is Azure Compute?

Azure compute


Here we can use virtual machines based on demand. We can allocate or deallocate VMs based on demand. We use VMSS for this. VMs can be created through portal, PowerShell and CLI.

By using VMSS we can create number of VMs with same configuration within minutes. Apart from this we do have Azure functions, Azure app services also.

Azure Compute Stamp:

As in Azure, things gets divided into stamps where each stamp will have one fabric controller and this fabric controller is the one responsible for managing the VMs inside that stamp.

In Azure, there are only two types of stamps, it could either be compute stamp or storage stamp. This Fabric controller is also not single; it has its distributed branches.

Based on the available information, Azure will have 5 replicas of the fabric controller where it uses synchronous mechanism to replicate the state. In this setup, there will be one primary and to which control pane will talk to.

Now it’s the responsibility of this primary instance to act on the instruction (example- provision a VM) and also let other replicas know about it. And when at least 3 of them acknowledge the fact that this operation is going to happen then the operation take place (this is called quorum-based approach).

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